Product Display

Project Details

Bench Dogs partnered with Metrie to produce a stylish merchandising program that would support their channel partners in selling interior molding, trim and door combinations. 


Bench Dogs’ design team developed a versatile display structure that can be finished with graphic panels featuring sample products for any of Metrie’s three main product lines; Then & Now Finishing Collections, Option {M} or Regional Core Products. The common structure allows the Metrie brand team to quickly respond to market requests and put the right product mixes into the right retail environments.



Metrie was able to visit Bench Dogs’ Denver, PA facility on several occasions throughout the various stages of prototyping. The column design utilized a unique turntable component that enhanced the user experience, allowing the consumer to easily spin the tower to reveal each of the product offerings. Each of the displays features nearly one hundred product samples distributed over 6 facades. Bench Dogs’ in-house craftsmen conducted a meticulous production process, which included cutting, staining, sanding, then re-staining, re-sanding, before a final finishing coat.


The design of this proprietary rotation tower was executed seamlessly. 180 displays were distributed throughout the United States and Canada, with Bench Dogs handling all of the third party logistics. A total of 1,080 individual panels were produced. The client was thrilled with the final product and Bench Dogs’ client-centric capabilities.