• Premier provider of full-service manufacturing solutions, with a complete range of products
  • Scalable operational and distribution capabilities
  • Ability to manage complex projects and global supply chains
  • Robust array of high-volume CNC machinery
  • Streamlined production flows with flexible, off-site warehousing, assembly and fulfillment operations
  • Refined design/engineering processes with the utilization of 3D rendering software
  • State-of-the-art ERP system in place to ensure optimal project performance tracking
  • High-quality standards and project management throughout the project lifecycle


Our Process

Step 1: Design

Our skilled design team will develop several unique concepts that fit the project parameters.

Step 2: Engineer

Our in-house engineering team uses 3D software to evaluate each element of the design, down to the individual component level.

Step 3: Price

A proposal is submitted to the client, detailing the scope of work and associated costs.

Step 4: Prototype

We get to work producing an initial prototype, flushing out all the critical components of the design to ensure optimal quality.

Step 5: Production

Units are produced using a fleet of high-efficiency CNC machinery, with a team of project managers overseeing the entire process.

Step 6: Logistics/Support

We will securely pack and ship each unit to its desired location, providing complete logistical oversight and fulfillment services.