Product Display

Project Details

An arched display with a full spectrum of product placement, the Congoleum flooring unit offers a unique shopping experience, custom designed to be attuned to shopper’s buying patterns and preferences.


Bench Dogs worked directly with the brand on over two dozen design variations in developing a distinctive method to hang the vinyl flooring samples. In producing the design, Bench Dogs worked methodically to produce several 3D rendering and 1/8 scale models.


While several concepts were up for final consideration, a particular design concept which included silicone banding hit the mark. The banding was both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, allowing the flooring to be removed from the display with ease. This option also provided the ability to color code the entire product line, with Bench Dogs creating custom banding colors in conjunction with Congoleum’s PMS family. The entire display was strategically constructed to compliment shopper buying patterns.


Bench Dogs was contracted to produce 3,000 units. The R&D process took a year, with Bench Dogs working hand-in-hand with the client in a collaborative dialogue. The display was very well received, as the Bench Dogs team was able to fit the vast Congoleum product line into a small footprint. The meticulous design worked well within the retail environment and the display’s minimal structure allowed the product samples and graphics to really pop. As part of Bench Dogs’ established project management oversight, detailed instruction sheets were provided with each unit to ensure quick and easy assembly once onsite.