Senior Living Facility

Project Details

CCS Building Group, an innovative leader in new construction and renovation projects, turned to Bench Dogs to provide an intricate case good array for a major regional retirement community’s multi-phase reconstruction.


A regional retirement community sought to renovate and expand their facility’s dining and library area, contracting CCS Building Group, to oversee the projects. CCS turned to Bench Dogs to manage the production of the case goods requirement.


Bench Dogs provided bespoke cabinetry and panel dividers for the cafeteria and dining room, along with custom shelving in the building’s library. Bench Dogs helped to facilitate many aspects of the build process, including the incorporation of pre-selected finishes and provided coordination between the general contractor and other suppliers. The project was completed within
 6 months.


To ensure efficiency in both design and production, Bench Dogs created templates to lay out the unit,
 precisely measuring each component before installation at the retirement community. Both CCS Building Group and their client expressed their extreme satisfaction with the final product. The new layout and units provide a streamlined service flow while also creating a stunning visual aesthetic. The project was installed on time and on budget, in keeping with Bench Dogs unyielding promise of excellence.