Roof-In-A-Bag (RIAB)

Project Details

A unique, portable portfolio that comes neatly organized in a custom OC case – the Owens Corning “Roof in a Bag” concept features custom design, printing, sourcing and packaging, developed by Bench Dogs’ product design teams.


Owens Corning was in search of a
new way to sell roofing solutions to homeowners through their contractor channel. The company’s traditional product sample boards were not ideal, often surviving only one customer demo and leaving behind residue or roofing specks. The solution needed to be cost effective, durable and creative. It was also essential that the solution differentiate OC and their contractor channel from the sample board solutions utilized by their competitors.


Bench Dogs presented many concepts, approaching 
the creative process in a collaborative fashion.
 OC loved the creativity and landed on an approach that wrapped the shingle and a product ID tag in a transparent vinyl sleeve. OC and Bench Dogs moved into the prototyping phase, where three prototypes were further refined. The selected prototype was field tested with
 OC Area Sales Managers, and their largest contractors. Following an overwhelmingly positive response, further refinements were made in preparation for final production.


Bench Dogs produced 158,320 initial units. The client was so thrilled with the results that they expanded the solution far beyond just the shingles
 to include the full spectrum of roofing products under the TPRS (Total Protection Roofing System) umbrella. The ongoing program utilizes Bench Dogs’ design/engineering capabilities and global supply chain, to provide OC with an affordable, turn-key solution that continues to differentiate OC and its sales channel in the field.